WiFi Shades: SONTE Film

DIY Digital Shades
WiFi Shades: SONTE Film
WiFi Shades: SONTE Film
WiFi Shades: SONTE Film

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SONTE film is a digital shade product that can go from clear to solid when an electric current is applied through it. Designed for do-it-yourself installations the thin film can be cut to specific window sizes and applied by hand to add some privacy, provide energy savings/UV protection from the sun, and even become an on demand projector display screen for your home or office.

Levels of privacy for the shades can be managed via your smartphone, a WiFi transformer, and a few connector cables. The film sheets can be daisy chained together for larger windows and rooms, but at the moment the team is only selling the material in 1 x 1 meter segments.

Once installed the shades run a current of 0.05 amperes per square meter and use less than 5 watts per square meter of power. At the moment the product is still on the expensive side but you can easily see a future where your windows are adapting to occupancy levels producing energy and cost savings for homes.


More details about the SONTE film can be found at: Sonte.com or you can see the film in action in the video embedded below.

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