Wireless Asthma Inhaler: Chameleon
Wireless Asthma Inhaler: Chameleon
Wireless Asthma Inhaler: Chameleon

Wireless Asthma Inhaler: Chameleon

chameleon-aesthma-phoneThe Chameleon is a web enabled inhaler targeted at helping children to better manage their Asthma. According to the project organizers Asthma is the most common childhood disease in the US resulting in 100 million missed school days and 18 million annual emergency room visits. This device was developed in part during MIT Media Lab's 10 day health and wellness workshop and wants to make it easy for kids, their parents, and physicians to better manage and control attacks and stick to a consistent daily regimen.


  • Bluetooth wireless communication to an Android device.
  • A built-in combination of a spacer and spirometer to simplify use.
  • Mobile application: Allows children to track their medication usage and their lung function via a game based app developed to motivate them to achieve optimal outcomes.  A Triggers and Symptoms screen also allows a child to select a trigger and symptom when they need to use the inhaler.


  • Location Alerts: The device will send alerts to the user when in areas of high pollen count or when they are entering other high risk areas that have triggered asthma attacks in similar patients.


  • Data Monitoring: Parents and doctors can track and manage medication usage and attacks over time.


  • Sara Hamilton – Training in Integrated Child Health – Imperial College Health Care NHS Trust & University College London
  • Michael Chiu – Director at LGL Group
  • Yechiel Englehard – MD, MBA Student at MIT Sloan School of Management
  • Lauren Lyons – Harvard Kennedy School – mechanical design engineer with experience in the medical field
  • David Rose – CEO of Vitality Inc., Instructor at MIT Media Lab – experience in producing 12+ consumer products, strengths in experience design, service design, and information visualisation
  • Pantelis Angelidis – Assistant Professor at University of Western Macedonia – experience in multiple healthcare companies and has been working with a team on a new spirometer sensor
  • John Smanis – University of Western Macedonia – a student of Pantalis’ with hardware development experience who will be focusing on the spirometer sensor and communications
  • Anshuman Sharma – Best Buy’s Exclusive Brands department – electrical engineering background with experience in medical device development

Learn more about the project and its development at: http://chameleon-project.tumblr.com/

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