Wireless Sensor Tags Helps You Keep Track of Everything
Wireless Sensor Tags Helps You Keep Track of Everything
Wireless Sensor Tags Helps You Keep Track of Everything

Wireless Sensor Tags Helps You Keep Track of Everything

When you're having a difficult time finding a specific folder or file on your computer, you simply run a quick search and POOF! You've found what your'e looking for.


What if you could run a similar search, but this time you want to determine if you remembered to close the garage door. Or maybe track down those long lost keys of yours? A company called CAO Gadgets in Irvine is making that type of detection possible with its product Wireless Sensor Tags.

The $15 individual tags are driven by an Ethernet Tag Manager hub giving the sensors a range of up to 200 feet and communication and control ability to your smart phones, tablets and Web browsers. According to the developers Motion and temperature tags are currently available with additional types of wireless sensor tags like human presence and current sensors in development. Power for the individual tags come from a removable coin cell battery that has an expected lifetime of up to several years, and all of the tags come outfitted with an LED, buzzer alarm, and a unique 3-D magnetic sensor that can track the angle and motion of each of the tags.


Some additional notes and examples:

  • Each tag automatically logs temperature and each time it is moved, opened or closed, so you can always check what happened while you were away.
  • Attach the tag to key chains, put inside your wallet, or strap to TV remote controls, and never waste time looking for these items again by turning on the "Lost Item" feature which will beep the tags buzzer until located.
  • The tags case is made with an elastic material that can be strapped to almost anything using the attached Velcro tape.




My Tag List is another step to an ultra-smart home that connects the physical world to the Internet and you can preorder some for yourself or learn more about them at http://www.mytaglist.com/.


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