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1) Best Connected Home Product

From enhancing playtime to improving security, networked devices are making our homes safer, smarter, and more connected. The Connected Home award recognizes products that should be part of everyone’s family.

Editors' choice


Home energy monitoring using a single sensor

Credits: Energy Aware Technology Inc. 

People's Choice - Winner


Intelligent pool control

Credits: iAquaLink

People's Choice - Runner-Up


Sense Mother is at the head of a family of small connected sensors


2) Best Connected Body Product

Strapped to your wrist, concealed in your clothes, or clipped to your keychain, the Connected Body award gives kudos to those devices you’d feel naked without.

Editors' choice

Angel Sensor

The First Open Sensor For Health And Fitness

Credits: Seraphim Sense Ltd.

People's Choice - Winner


Securely and seamlessly engage with your world through ECG authentication and motion sensing.

Credits: Bionym

People's Choice - Runner-Up


Fitness tracking device that measures strength

Credits:  PUSH Design Solutions Inc

3) Best Smart City Application

From the aqueduct to the automobile, new technologies have always transformed the urban environment. The Smart City award showcases projects that use today’s data-driven technologies to shape the cities of tomorrow.

Editors' choice


Keyless bike lock to enable community bikesharing

Credits: Mesh Motion Inc.

People's Choice - Winner


Indexing the physical world with big data and distributed sensors.

Credits: Placemeter

People's Choice - Runner-Up

Hello Lamp Post

A city-wide platform for play

Credits: Pan Studio, Tom Armitage, Gyorgyi Galik

4) Best Enterprise Application

The Internet of Things isn’t just about Silicon Valley. It has the potential to enhance any industry, and networked devices are just as likely to show up at farm or museums as at offices and warehouses.

The award for Enterprise Application recognizes innovations that make operations run smarter, faster, and more connected.

Editors' Choice


Hand Hygiene Recording and Reminding System

Credits: HyGreen

People's Choice

ArgonST Underground Mining Safety

Real-time communication and connectivity for mining operations

Credits: Argon ST, Sine-Wave, Boeing

People's Choice - Runner-Up


A professional Visitor Management System

Credits: Brivo Labs

5) Best Technical Enabler

A well-designed device may be indistinguishable from magic, but that belies all the hard work and creativity that went on under the hood and behind the scenes.

The Technical Enabler award acknowledges the components that make it easier for everyone, from garage hobbyists to tech giants, to develop amazing new products and services for the Internet of Things.

Editors' Choice

Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi is a small, powerful and lightweight ARM based computer

Credits: Raspberry Pi Foundation

People's Choice - Winner

TST and the TSmarT Platform

Wireless technologies for smart applications

Credits: Tecnologías, Servicios Telemáticos y Sistemas

People's Choice - Runner-Up

Zatar Platform

Zatar is a new cloud-based infrastructure that sees your devices and connects them to the Internet.

Credits: Zebra Technologies

6) Social Impact Potential

Sometimes design is about more form and function — it’s about making a difference in the world.

The Social Impact award highlights projects that helps us all to live more harmoniously both with our environment and with one another.

Editors' choice


Rugged Remote Connectivity

Credits: Ushahidi

People's Choice - Winner


Technology and business models that deliver drinking water to the last mile.

Credits: Piramal Water Private Limited

People's Choice - Runner-Up


A discoverability engine for The Public Internet of Things

Credits: Umbrellium

7) Best Networked Art Project

Artists are often the first to see the potential in new technologies and their impacts.

The Networked Art award celebrates projects that explore the possibilities and implications of connected technology — and often, in the process, reveal profound truths about our societies and our selves.

Editors' choice


Emotional gateway to Minneapolis

Credits: Urbain DRC, INVIVIA, Meet Minneapolis

People's Choice - Winner


Dynamic Shape Display

Credits: MIT, Daniel Leithinger, Sean Follmer, Hiroshi Ishii

People's Choice - Runner-Up

Chicago Faces

“Chicago Faces” is a guerrilla art piece that photographs the faces of civilians using custom software.

Credits: Daniel Jay Bertner

8) Best Design Fiction Project

Grounded as much in imagination as reality, design fiction is about bending the rules. It’s about asking “What if?”, and using the remains to probe the edges of our changing world.

The results may only be props or prototypes — but the best ones, as recognized by the Design Fiction award, end up helping us navigate our near futures and the stories they share.

Editors' choice

Counting Sheep

New Zealand Merino in an Internet of Things

Credits: Dani Clode, Matasila Freshwater, Hamish McPhail, Peggy Russell, Lauren Wickens – Design Culture Lab Victoria University of Wellington , Dr Anne Galloway

People's Choice - Winner


Bioprinting & Artificial Food Waste : Concept Prototypes Part 1

Credits: Al Hussein Wanas

People's Choice - Runner-Up


Explores the evolving nature—and the risks—of intimacy in the modern world.

Credits: KK Barrett, Spike Jonze

9) Best IoT DIY Project

Some products come pre-assembled, batteries included; others are made to be tinkered with. The DIY award goes to those projects and people harnessing connected technologies for their lives on their own terms.

Editors' choice


A specially outfitted bicycle features environmental sensors to measure live city data.

Credits: Jun Yamadera

People's Choice - Winner

Data Sensing Lab

Hardware Hacking for Data Scientists

Credits: Alasdair Allan, Kipp Bradford, Robert Faludi, Kim Rees and Julie Steele

People's Choice - Runner-Up

Connected Birthday Card

The IoT meets the greeting card

Credits: ProductSprout

10) Best IoT Open Source Project

The open source movement is in some ways the spiritual core of the Internet, encompassing much of the hardware, software, and protocols that make up the global communications infrastructure — as well as championing openness, transparency, and the power of collaborative development.

The Open Source award honors projects that bring those values to the Internet of Things, either by incorporating open source technology or by making public the details of their own designs and software.

Editors' choice

The Thing System

With the Thing System, you can finally take control of your things.

Credits: Alasdair Allan, Marshall T. Rose

People's Choice - Winner


A Common Language for the Internet of Everything

Credits: AllSeen Alliance

People's Choice - Runner-Up


Wireless Inventors Kit for the Raspberry Pi

Credits: Ciseco

11) IoT Breakout Startup of the Year

Every year a new crop of entrepreneurs enters the fray in the Internet of Things space.


The IoT Startup of the Year award puts the spotlight on teams that came out swinging, took risks, and made a powerful impact in the space.

Editors' choice


Ninja Blocks are tiny cloud enabled computers that can sense their environment by receiving input from a variety of sensors

Location: San Francisco, CA

People's Choice - Winner


We make products smart, simple and social by connecting them to the Web.

Location: London & Olten, Switzerland

People's Choice - Runner-Up


The first cellular network operator dedicated to M2M and IoT

Headquarters: Labège, France

12) IoT Must Follow Company

Whether they’ve been in the Internet of Things business for years or are just getting started, some companies seem to have captured more than their fair share of attention this year.


The Must-Follow Company award commends the teams that have us all on the edge of our seats, wondering what they’ll come up with next.

Editors' choice


Creators of Thingful, Umbrellium creates and commercialises participatory products and services that empower people to transform their cities.

Location: London

People's Choice Winners
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